'Gender envelopes opened in baby heaven'

Happened upon the pic while reading John Best’s brilliant piece on humour in ‘serious’ fiction.

Rock Paper Misogynists

You can’t even talk about talking about it. It’s like an all-purpose super injunction for narcisists, groomers, grifters and their dipshit enablers on game review sites.

Tim Stone, if you would like a temporary home for your column while you get set up in a more respectable establishment, I would be happy to publish it. Can someone who knows him please pass this on?

Astonishing piece

Read this. It’s quite a ride!

“…This quasi-religious conception of gender was connected to the message that trans-identifying children should be given easy access to puberty blocking drugs and cross-sex hormones. Both treatments were breezily declared to be safe options with little risk of adverse consequences—something that, again, we now know to be untrue. And yes, we were fed the morbid claim that any delay in affirming a child’s self-diagnosed trans identity could relegate them to the grave: “Do you want a live trans-child or a dead cisgender-child?” is the question we were trained to use to pressure parents into immediate affirmation. To summarize: If a child agrees to have an adult pedophile stimulate his genitals, that desire should be disregarded (because children are by definition unable to give real consent). But if a child wants to have an adult surgically remove those genitals, his desire should be honored: Suddenly, the child’s expression of consent is not only valid, but ironclad; and acquiescence is not only permissible but mandatory.”

But it was the line about “gender envelopes their children were supposedly handed in baby heaven” that made me laugh out loud.

Really. How has this FUCKING NONSENSE got this far?

Irish corner!

It is a DELIGHT to see Ireland fighting this doo-doo

Hey, do you want to see Christophjer Walken doing an Irish accent? OK!

Anna, you made me spit my delicious orange drink

Speaking of porn…

…this is an important thread.


Haha, is there any other kind?


God imagine if men started identifying as women and putting words in their mouths in the same way. Oh, wait, you don’t have to imagine!

And finally…

Guided By Voices, man. How many golden ages can one band have? I’ve done two of these compilations and I could easily do a third with completely different but equally good songs. Robert Pollard’s output is a conversation with the universe and I feel it’s an honour to be alive at the same time as him. God bless you, Captain.

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