"But my Mom says I'm cool"

(thanks to W for Emelia Millhouse!)

I actually figured it out!

I actually managed to do a TikTok properly! This one is about my old pal, Graham Norton.

Sitcom school

People have been asking about it. I’m going to bring it back soon, but I was wondering if Luke Brennan can contact me. He sent me the Bilko episode ‘The Eating Contest’ and I want to break it down for the next class…

They’ve been getting away with this framing for years

Don’t let them shame you into shutting up. This is important.

Keira Bell is the right woman at the right time

King of the Hill got there early

W does Decaudin


Excellent letter in defence of academic freedom

Great stuff

These arguments are not uncommon, by the way

“I was tilting my head and everything’

Man fails to answer The Staniland Question, accidentally writes novel

This is what happens when a certain kind of man is forced to answer the Staniland Question.

The correct answer, of course, is ‘no’.

Woman’s Hour: Captured

Remember all those who promoted GenderGP

Let’s explain gender!

We have turned New York’s explanation of gender into a handy gif. Please feel free to share!