A woman to watch out for: Kate McEwan

A few months ago, I published 'A woman to look out for: Esther Giles’, in which Kate McEwan detailed the harassment campaign directed against Esther Giles as she ran for the post of Labour Party NEC treasurer.

Kate detailed the hounding of Esther by a trans-identified male named Karen Passmore.

“Two years ago, Esther stood by a friend who was being hounded on social media by a trans-identified male named Karen Passmore. At the meeting to select local councillor candidates shortly afterwards, Esther was prevented for standing as a local councillor and was branded a transphobe. This accusation was not upheld by the Labour party.

Shortly after this Esther retweeted an article written by a trans person criticising the tactics of TRA’s because she found it described her treatment perfectly. This retweet was the second piece of so-called evidence used to prove her transphobia. At the time Heather Peto called for Esther’s expulsion from the party. Karen Passmore’s behaviour towards Esther at a subsequent meeting was so aggressive that the Women’s officer arranged that Esther should always have two people with her at any meeting where Karen Passmore was present.”

Well, Passmore is back, and this time is targetting Kate herself, who recently received these messages.

Those of us who have been dealing with these people know how psychotically aggressive and vindictive they can be. If you know Kate, now would be a good time to send her some love and look out for her.