2021 going great so far


Seems legit

America *goes utterly insane for a few hours*.

Trans-identified males: *I blame women!”

Arthur Chu is still psychotic

Feminism lessons from Nina Kuta

Here’s a strange argument that feminism absolutely MUST be trans-inclusive. As feminsim is already trans-inclusive (transmen, being female, are included in feminism) what could Nina Kuta mean?

*sees photo of Nina Kuta*


Channel 4, captured

This is not a fucking woman

How dare Newsweek try to pin this on women? What is going on?

Also not a fucking woman

Just a thought

But would it be too much to ask that, at least during a worldwide pandemic, people don’t replace the word ‘sex’ with the word ‘gender’? Or is this just a way of killing off people who have been fooled into thinking that both words amount to the same thing?

Remember, this is a writer for The Independent

Academic, beclown thyself!

The beclowning of academia continues.

A friend said “Does Lavery ever take a step back and think "Jesus, how has my life turned out like this, how is this living, what am I fucking doing? I loved your Two Anuses presentation, I've been thinking about it a lot since the conference...“

Also, enjoy this attempt by Tomas Bogardus to get a Brofessor to provide a coherent definition of ‘gender’.

Ooh, yes

ALWAYS happy to share something that turns people into terfs.

And finally…

Mary Bourke and SMURFS.

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