12 September, 2020


A letter from another Jane Doe.

“Dear Graham,

I used to work for Galop. An  LGBT voluntary org that offered support around domestic violence, hate crime etc 

I worked for them for about 4 years as a sessional worker on the DV helpline- even though some of us were in Unions that expressly ruled out zero-hours contracts, that is exactly what I and others like me had - we had to scrabble for shifts in a feeding frenzy when the rotas were released - no work was guaranteed. 

The pay was a flat £10 per hour as it had been for about a decade. 

At the time I was semi-retired so it suited me to a degree although we had to attend supervision meetings on weekends. 

The charity was set up originally to support gay men who fell foul of cottaging and cruising law which was fair enough but it gradually became more and more focused on trans issues. Out of a very small workforce there were three dedicated full-time T advocates with proper full-time secure jobs who ran makeup sessions for men, advocated for transwomen in prison to get them free makeup, special laundry arrangements & lots of other privileges even though at least one of their clients was a convicted sex offender to my certain knowledge. 

Eventually, members of staff started talking about how terrible "terfs" are - I went very quiet at this point although I complained privately to my supervisor - she wouldn't take it seriously. 

I was told off for supporting a caller who said her girlfriend was becoming violent and scary while transing to male - I was supposed to argue with her apparently and be on the side of the violent partner. 

The final straw was another sessional worker who was plainly male but had long hair, painted fingernails and wore short skirts who followed me into the ladies toilets when we were in the otherwise empty office one Saturday and just sat in the stall next to me - all I could hear was his breathing - I think he was masturbating but I have no proof of that though he certainly wasn't using the toilet - I ran out of there feeling so intimidated and left the office that day  - I left the organisation several weeks later. 

I emailed the Manager to explain that I felt it was unacceptable for staff in a so-called "anti-hate crime" organisation to use terms like "terf" but got no response so I let it drop. 

I feel I must remain anonymous so PLEASE  keep my anonymity for me - I fear them and it is a very small organisation so they would know who it was if they had any details - they also work hand in glove with Stonewall and Mermaids.”


Siri, show me ‘projection’

Jane Clare Jones makes absolute mincemeat of some witchdoctors in this thread.

Poor tanks!

Trevor Noah, fuck off

What a pandering arsehole.

Huge if true

Apparently The Scottish Government has changed the definition of heterosexuality from “attracted to the opposite sex” to “attracted to a different sex”. Malcolm Clark explains:

This is being done in order to maintain the unscientific nonsense that there is an infinitely varied spectrum of sexes; not just male and female. Remember them?

Who knows how humanity has managed to survive with just two biological sexes for over a quarter of a million years. Thank god the SNP have rescued us from our sub-optimal strategy of binary sexual reproduction. Phew, it was a close-run thing. Holyrood to the rescue.

I feel for the bisexuals though. They're apparently now "attracted to both persons of the same sex and persons of a different sex", which has a slightly creepy feel since no one has a clue what a different sex is whereas opposite sex made perfect bloody sense.

You can read the rest of Malcolm’s typically excellent thread here.


Twitter has allowed various duplicitous and sneaky types on its platform to turn off replies so it looks like everyone’s on board with Queer theory and gender ideology!

Today’s tweet comes from The Guille-Allès Library in Guernsey, who think that children need to see adult entertainers who perform sexual stereotypes of women!

Here’s the James Lindsay thread on where ‘Drag Queen Story Hour’ comes from.

And finally…It’s Saturday night, so have a GENDER CRITICAL DANCE PARTY!

Funniest thing this year was how angry the gender cultists got when Jane Clare Jones pointed out that this generation were desperately unhappy and humourless and had forgotten how to have a good time.

It inspired me to make this absolutely banging mix which I’d forgotten about until right now! TURN IT UP, you terven witches!