11th September, 2020

I'm having a drink.

Hope yis are having a good Friday! I’d hoped this was a scoop but I think it’s ready out there.


(I’m thinking of using JANE DOE as a one-size-fits-all moniker. I think seeing it over and over again might press home the fact that SO MANY WOMEN at the moment feel the need to be anonymous.)

Dear Graham,

I’m a new follower. Thank you so much for your work, and the platform you provide to GC advocates. It’s been a sanity saver.

I just came upon this info on a GC Facebook group. Not sure if you’re on there. (Ed’s note: I am, but I’ve been banned for seven days)

A person posted this screenshot, saying this:

"Ok, so I've had this under my hat for a couple of weeks now, posting this with my alt in case it is screenshot and shared elsewhere. Will also cross-post to Gender Critical Women.

So remember when Standing For Women paid for the 'I love JK Rowling' poster in Edinburgh Waverley, and it was taken down after 'complaints'? Well, I decided to do an FOI request to Network Rail to find out exactly how many complaints they received. They left me hanging until the very last day of the deadline, I'm sure they knew why I wanted the information so likely dragged it out.

Would you like to know how many official complaints Network Rail received regarding the poster? Zero. None. Zilch. No complaints. However, they did receive 158 complaints about the removal of the poster. Yes, you read that correctly.

So they lied. They lied about receiving complaints and just took it down for no genuine reason. I've attached some screenshots of the articles and my FOI response with redacted personal information. 



Network Rail have some questions to answer.

Finally worked up the courage to watch this, and I’m glad I did

Well, what can I say.

The State, whoever you are, thank you.

Some people literally think women = clothes & make-up

(Update: being told Eli is a spoof in which case it’s a VERY good one.)

In Australia, it is now illegal to hurt white men’s feelings

Or to put it another way…

Vice, the Groomer’s choice

The Baroness NAILS IT

And finally…

My favourite ever “What happens next?” It is literally IMPOSSIBLE to guess.